This charming, ethereal and whimsical collection of vessels carry their stories formed by the many impressions made upon the clay by found treasures like buttons, lace, objects and embossed papers.  Look within, as each tells its own story. 

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beehive square bowl, 13 x 13cm
beehive square dish 3, 13 x 13cm
cat bowl, 13cm
detail of plate
dragonfly&rabbit oval bowl, 28 x 20cm
large platter, 40cm
many bowls
rabbit oval bowl, 28 x 20cm
rabbits at play bowl, 25cm
scarecrow plate, 25cm
small round bowl, 13cm
swirl plate, 25cm
teal rabbit round bowl, 13cm
wide boat bowl, 25 x 15cm
wide boat, 25 x 15cm
bluehouse plate, 25cm
cat&dragonfly plate, 25cm
blue plate3
Hare and the Moon,  (13 cm dia.)
handpainted porcelain vessel
AU $100
In My Garden, (10 cm dia.)
handpainted porcelain vessel

Kraeb Mandala,  (28 x 15 cm)
handpainted porcelain vessel

To Frolic,  (26 x 19 cm)
handpainted porcelain vessel
AU $145
Pink Umber,  (16 x 8 cm, 10cm height)
handpainted porecelain winged vessel
AU $90